Food Maid Videos

Part 1. About Food Maid Rotary Dishwasher

Food Maid Dishwasher 餐飲女僕洗碗機
介紹您 一部世界上最先進的洗碗機 Food Maid 洗碗機
免用洗碗精、免用洗碗籃筐、省水、 省電、省人力、省空間。

Food Maid 洗碗機 洗淨測試-盤子洗前洗後比較
為比較盤子洗前與洗後的差別,兩排盤子相對等的都塗滿各類中國餐廳常見的油漬菜渣,將其中一排的盤子送入Food Maid 洗碗機,拿出來後與未洗的一排盤子做比較。結論是Food Maid 洗碗機不用洗碗精 盤子都可以洗乾淨。

Food Maid 洗碗機 洗淨測試-盤子髒進潔出
為比較盤子洗前與洗後的差別,兩排盤子相對等的都塗滿各類中國餐廳常見的油漬菜渣,將其中一排的盤子送入Food Maid 洗碗機,拿出來後與未洗的一排盤子做比較。結論是Food Maid 洗碗機不用洗碗精 盤子都可以洗乾淨。

Food Maid Dishwasher Major Maintenance & Cleaning
Food Maid Dishwasher is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. This video illustrates how the machine is taken apart for cleaning. 觀看影片

Food Maid Dishwasher Restore after Major Cleaning
After Food Maid Dishwasher is taken apart and cleaned, this video shows how the machine is assembled back to the normal. 觀看影片

Part 2 About Food Maid DW Dishwasher

Food Maid DW 洗盤機的基本原理及進給機構

Food Maid DW 洗盤機不必將盤子一個一個排進機器,可以隨意擺上任何數量的一疊餐盤上機器自動依序把盤子等具分開帶入機器內部清洗 潤洗 及烘乾,而後可以成疊被取用

Food Maid DW 洗碗機之杯碗分類堆疊

Dinnerware are automatically sorted to different collection area according to their geometry and size. When flip-over is needed, the dinnerware can rotate 180 degree for better stacking.
Dinnerware are stacked on an elevator for a height controlled by electric motor so that they are easy to pick up by the restaurant patrons. Smaller items are deflected to a collection tray.
Transport carts are available to work with this sorter/collector for easy moving the dinner to a desirable area in the restaurant.

Food Maid DW Dishwasher -oil water separation

This video demonstrates how Food Maid Dishwasher does its oil-water separation

PART 3 About Dr. Shane Y. Hong , the inventor & company founder

President Clinton’s visit to Dr Hong’s Laboratory
美國總統柯林頓拜訪洪錫源教授的實驗室 並向新聞界介紹洪教授的經濟又環保的超低溫切削技術 之後在他的演講會中 數度以洪教授的研究為範例申明未來政府施政重點:新技術讓 經濟與環保相輔相成。
President Clinton visited Professor Shane Y. Hong’s laboratory where Dr. Hong invented a new technology-economical cryogenic machining. Mr. Clinton hailed Dr. Hong’s research as a role model for the US.

Robotic Drilling 機器人鑽孔機
說明Produced by University of Wisconsin-Madison, this video introduce the robotic drilling unit invented by Mr. Shane Hong during his graduate study, as well as the sensing technology and machine intelligence for automation of aircraft manufacturing.

NHK 金腦博士之實驗室
說明Produced and broadcasted around the world by NHK, Japan broadcasting Co. This documentary show features Dr. Shane Hong, the inventor, on his scratchitti removal and other various researches.