Rotary Flight Type All-purpose Dishwasher 旋轉式環保省水節能洗碗機

產品型號 Product Model :

RW01 Sit & wash floor type
RW02 stand & wash desk top type
RW03XL extra large size
RW01 坐者洗的落地型
RW02 站者洗的桌上或高架型
RW03XL 洗大餐具的特大號

產品名稱Product Name

Rotary dishwasher 1


Food Maid RW dishwasher is a general purpose dishwasher, which can wash a variety of dinnerware for small and medium sized restaurant. Featuring:

1. No detergent/chemical needed: hot water sanitizing, use no detergent.
2. Simplest operation: Use no rack to load and unload the dishes, no hood need to be opened and closed.
3. High yield: adjustable speed, continuous wash as fast as you can load and unload.
4. Energy saving: double wall thermal insulation, energy recovery to preheat the incoming water.
5. Minimum water consumption: the least water consumption among known dishwasher worldwide.
6. Compact and room saving.

1. 高溫殺菌,免用洗碗精,洗後乾得快,不用乾精。
2. 操作最簡單,不需用洗碗籃筐,不須開門關門。
3. 連續洗碗,速度可調,你放上碗碟多快就洗的多快。
4. 省水, 耗水量為世界已知洗碗機中最少的。
5. 節能省電,機身熱絕緣,熱能回收預熱入水。
6. 體積小,操作保養皆從前面,不占空間。


Dishes per revolution: large 18 pieces small 30 pieces
Glass per revolution: 50 pieces
Rotational speed: 0-500 rpm adjustable
Tank Capacity
Wash tank: 19 liters ( 5 Gallons)
Heat exchanger: 15 liters (4 Gallons)
Water Consumption :
2.4 liters/min; 38 Gallons per hour (Max. Use)
Motor Power
Wash Pump motor: 1030 watt (1.38 hp) ,1Φ, 220ACV, 5.3A,
Pump (Walrus TPH4T2K): flow 30-150 liters/min, Head: 2 Kg/cm2
Carousel drive motor (Oriental Motors 2GN180k USM206-402w):
6w, 220 ACV,
Operating Temperature
Wash: above 65oC (150oF) Adjustable
Rinse: above 85oC (185oF) Adjustable
Electric Heater
Wash tank Electric heater: 4kw, 220ACV,18A :
Rinse line electric booster heater: 4kw, 220ACV, 18 A
Length(Width): 800 mm ( 31.5 inches)
Depth: 700 mm (27.6 inches)
Height: 840mm (33.1 inches)
Weight: 95 Kg (210 lbs)

Power Requirement: 220-250 ACV, 50A, Single phase

Inlet Water Requirement: 1/2” pipe thread, hot water, 65O C, 2 atm

Drain Line Requirement: 3/4” pipe thread, drain by gravity only. Drain line must be below the machine

洗盤容量: 每小時 1800-3600 個 (隨轉速而變)
轉速: 每分 0- 500 轉,無段變速可調
耗水量: 2.4 公升/分
沖水泵浦: 1.38匹馬力
水箱容量: 19 公升 , 熱交換箱15 公升
加熱器: 水箱加熱4 千瓦; 瞬間加熱4 千瓦
電源規範: 220 ACV, 單相, 50 A
供水需求: 65oC 熱水; 水壓2.0 kg/cm2; 四分管
排水需求: 六分管 排水管線要低於機器底座
機身尺寸: 寬80 公分 x 深80公分 x 高84公分
重量: 95 公斤