Food Maid餐盤清洗烘乾專用機 Food Maid Dish Washer & Dryer

產品型號 Product Model : DW-01

產品名稱Product Name
Food Maid餐盤清洗烘乾專用機
Food Maid Dish Washer & Dryer

Dishwasher and Dryer

 產品特點:
 不須使用洗碗精、消毒殺菌劑
 有效及高效的洗滌
 耗水量最小
 能源消耗最少
 省人工易於使用
 最小空間要求
 最環保

Far more advanced than any dishwasher today worldwide, Food Maid Dish Washer loads dishes a stack up to 60 dishes a time, the machine will take them in one by one by itself automatically and spacing the dishes two inches apart for most effective washing, rinsing and drying in sequence. When it finished, the dishes are clean and dry, and stacked ready to serve. Based on high temperature sanitation and patented effective washing method, the machine does not need detergents or chemicals to make the dishes clean, thus you can save the cost of washing liquids. Food waste in the used water is continuously removed by motorized fine mesh filter to a trash bin. Oil is separated from the used water. The water therefore can be recycled and used for washing the dirty dishes. Fresh water is sparely used only at the rinse station. The water consumption and the machine size are minimized. With double stainless wall sandwiched foam barrier the machine is well thermal insulated to reduce heat loss. The energy of waste water is recovered by the heat exchangers to preheat the incoming fresh water. Therefore this machine is the most water and energy saving among all known dishwashers currently available.
 Effective & Efficient washing
 Least water consumption
 Least energy consumption
 Labor saving and Easy use
 Least space requirement
 Least noise
 No sanitary chemicals needed
 Most Environment friendly

洗盤速量: 正常4000盤子/小時,最高可到6000盤子/小時
耗水量: 190 公升/小時 (平均每個盤子耗水48 cc.)
電機功率: 清洗泵2hp,沖洗泵910W,鼓風機2.2kw,推進馬達15 W,過濾器電機1W
水箱容積: 沖洗用主水箱36.403升,高溫熱交換用水箱10.6升,低溫熱交換用水箱 10.1升,溢排用水箱7升。
沖洗水溫: 85℃
加熱器: 瞬間加熱器 10KW;水箱加熱器15KW
主體 (包括洗滌,漂洗,烘乾操作) : 長1200 mm ;深600 mm ;高1300 mm
進盤區(空間可暫儲多達60個11吋大餐盤): 長556 mm ;寬220 mm ;高1144 mm
卸盤區(雙軌道空間可暫存60個11吋大餐盤: 長633 mm;寬220 mm ;高1144 mm

Throughput: 4000 dishes/hr nominal, up to 6000 dishes/hr maximun
Water Consumption: fresh tap water 190 liters/hr ( 50 gallons/hr)
0.048 liters per dish (0.0125 gallons/dish).
Plate distance during washing: 52 mm , 2 inches pitch
Motor Powers:
Wash Pump: 2 hp,
Rinse pump: 910 w
Dryer blower: 3 hp (2.2kw)
Feed Motor: 1/50 hp, 15 W, @ 5-100 rpm
Filter motor: 1/750 hp, 1 w,
Elevator motor: 6w
Water Tanks:
Primary water tank: 36.403 liters, 9.6 gallons for washing
Secondary water tank: 10.6 liters, 2.8 gallons for high temp. heat exchange
Third water tank: 10.1 liters, 2.68 gallons for low temp. heat exchange
Fourth water tank: 7 liters, 1.84 gallons for spill over
In line instant heater: 10 Kw
Tank Booster: 15 kw

Water temperature: 85oC
Mainbody (Including washing, rinse, and drying operations):
Length 1200 mm(48”) ; Depth 600 mm(24”) ; Height 1300 mm(50”)
Loading Section (including space for temporary storage up to 60 11”-plates):
length 556 mm(22”); width 220 mm(9”) ; height 1144 mm(45”)
Unloading Section (including double rail space for storage up to 60 large 11” dishes)
length 633 mm (25”); width 220 mm (9”) ; height 1144 mm (45”)

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