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  a. Product Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  b. Creative Engineering and Invention Camp

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  2. Dr. Hong’s Prior Inventions

先進旋轉式洗碗機 操作手冊 上班篇 & 下班篇
先進旋轉式洗碗機 操作手冊 保養篇

先進旋轉式洗碗機 操作手冊 常見問題

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No. 347,
Sec. 1, Hanxi East Rd.,
East District., Taichung City , 401

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TEL : +886 4 22133641

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Address : 401台中市東區旱溪東路一段347號

Service Time : 8:00-17:00 (六、日及例假日休息)

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